Encouraging cycling to school in the Stroud Valleys

Changing Gear

............cycling to school in the Stroud Valleys.....
.........is FREEDOM. You move around where you want and when you want - no waiting for buses or sitting in traffic queues or waiting for someone to pick you up.

.........is FREE. No bus or train fares, road taxes or petrol bills.

.........is FUN! You on your bike, alone or with your mates, riding carefully on the road or doing wheelies on an off-road track.

.........is FAIR to our environment. Cycling is the most energy-efficient means of transport, gets you fit and does not produce any polluting fumes.


CHANGING GEAR encourages you to cycle to and from school. It is focused on the five secondary schools in the Stroud Valleys (Archway Maidenhill, Marling Stroud High and Thomas Keble Each year we concentrate on BIKE WEEK in June - but we hope that you will carry on cycling.

On this page you can read about what we are doing and what it is in this website. The next page tells you what we did last year. The next two pages look at the benefits of cycling and of how you can cycle safely. Then there is a page on the exciting things that we are doing to develop bike trailers and other things that use the power of the pedal. Recognising that we are fortunate to own a bike, please take a look at the "Bikes for Liberia" page where we raised funds for nine teachers in an orphanage in Liberia to have bikes so that they can cycle to and from the school. Then there is information about those organisations that have sponsored CHANGING GEAR and about how to contact us.

Please click through the pages on the site to see what we are doing and a range of tips about enjoying your bike in the Stroud Valleys.

The project is organised by Transition Stroud, Stroud Valleys Cycle Campaign and the participating secondary schools. It is has the support of Stroud Town Council, Stroud District Council, Stroud District Youth Council, Stonehouse Town Council, Ecotricity, the Greenshop and Rainharvesting Systems as well as the participating cycle shops - Cytek, Noah's Ark and Stonehouse Accessories.
You can look at a video of Changing Gear cycle to school week.
There are lots of great reasons to cycle to school, and also lots of things to think about. So we’ve come up with the following information, and collected some links you may find useful if you’d like to do your own further research.

Much as we would like you to cycle to school, your school can accept no liability for children’s journey’s (whatever form of transport they use) so it is important that you consider the issues and take responsibility.

On other pages you will find information on the Benefits of Cycling (Health, Attention and Academic Performance, Environmental & Community), Bike Maintenance, Safety Considerations (including Helmets, Hi-Viz & Cycle Training and Skills), and What to do after National Bike Week?

For a basic introduction see either the Bike for All web page Cycling to School, or the Sustrans leaflet Cycling to School. Both contain brief information, links and answers to common questions about relevant issues.

If you're an amateur statistician, you might like Sustrans' Facts and Figures to support School travel Initiatives
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